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Mrs. Rock n Roll front cover
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Mrs. Rock And Roll

One Louder Records Loud2
7" 45 RPM Single
Black Vinyl ? copies
Released  ??/??

A Side: Mrs. Rock and Roll             00:00 (Andrew Molloy c+p 1993 MonsterX Music)
B Side: I Won't Look Back             00:00 (Jimmy Zero c+p 1976 Dead Boys Music/OMFUG Music/ Bleu Disque Co. Inc.)

Rob Nesbitt: guitar + singing
Andrew Molloy: guitar + singing
Kevin Lee: bass + singing
Graham Watson: drums 

Vancouver Studios, Vancouver BC
Produced by Ian Jones + Bum
Engineered  by Ian Jones
Second Egineer - Zach Blackstone
October 1993

Back Cover Photo is of Kurt Bloch
RunOut Scratch Side A - "We hate the bloody Queen"
                        Side B - " 'ello Cleavland!"