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Bum news from here, there, and everywhere

May 4, 2000
Is no news good news?
A year later and still no 'Best Of'. Although the word now is that the project is being picked up by long-time Bum fans CHIXDIGGIT, to be released on their own label. My breath is still being held. Two new songs recorded last year by Andrew, Rob, Kevin, Graham, and Nick are out now on Magic Teeth Record #3. Rob and Andrew continue to work together on what looks like it's going to be called 'Suite 16'. More on that soon (ish).

April 18, 1999
I finally get around to uploading the begining of my
online tribute to one of my favourite bands of all time -

Please email me (Kent) with any thoughts, info
whatever at:

I guess the biggest bits of news are that after
being split up for a number of years (4 I think),
it looks like there may be a Bum reunion!
And also there is a compilation CD that's been in
the works for quite some time that may see the 
light of day soon.

More info on both of these as I get them.