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OCTOBER 09/2000

Hudson played an excellent show this past Saturday at the Little Fernwood. There had to be at least 10 times as many people as last week's AK47 gig! Everybody seemed to have a good time (I know Jamie, Dave and Tony did), lots of singing along, and it was nice to see Dave bring back the CD give-away. (Maybe some Urgent Response CDs will be given away at future shows?).
No firm date for the next show, but there may be another HM and/or AK47 gig before the end of October.

Bored? (like I was) - Post on the new Hudson Mack Message Board!


The proposed Friday September 22nd show at The Back Porch in Oak Bay is NOT happening.

The CD's been out for a few weeks now, if you haven't picked it up yet ... what are you waiting for?! It's 65 minutes of magic from Hudson Mack and AK47, lyric sheet enclosed so you can sing along at the next show!

And speaking of AK47 .... Jesse's back in town, so the chances of a show in the upcoming months are looking better.

AUGUST 18/2000

Dave's been on my case to udate the site, so here I go.... sorry for not announcing the last gig (Aug. 14) at the Little Fernwood. A small turn-out, and one the worst bands in the world (*my* opinion - and no, I won't take it back) made it an "interesting" show.


And now the big news..... THE CD IS READY!... 65 minutes of punk-rock goodness on a shiny silver disc! Be sure to bring a couple of extra bucks to the next show to pick one up (or two - they make a great gift!). This will be THE album of the year!!! If you can't make it to the show, I'm pretty sure Lyle's and Ditch will be selling them. And there will be mail order info up here as well, ... as soon as I get my act together (sorry Dave!)

JULY 18/2000

The CD master is at the pressing plant in Vancouver, and it looks like the first week of August is when Dave will get the "freshly pressed" discs.

Good evening, I'm Hudson Mack....
Local News Anchor Gives Band Thumbs Up!

Recently Chek6 News anchor (and band namesake) Hudson Mack was in contact via email with the band.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Hudson Mack"
Subject: Hey!
Hi -- just checking out your site -- would still love to do a story on you guys.
Also -- heard from Mel Cooper that Extreme 107.3 was doing a live remote from Belmont High just before the end of the school year -- and one of the exubert HM fans demanded they play one of your songs. He was apparently "quite insistent".

Cheers, Hudson Mack

The Band's response

-----Original Message-----
From: Jamie []
To: Hudson Mack
Subject: response

Hi Hudson! It's the guys from Hudson Mack the band (obviously)! Thank you for the e-mail, a pleasant surprise. You have officially christened our web site. Regarding your request about doing a story on us- we'd love to. You probably noticed on our web site that we are about to release our fourth cd. As soon as we receive them , we will personally deliver an autographed copy (hehehe). It's always nice to hear about the people who listen to us and support us. It gives us great incentive to carry on as a band. It may also interest you to know that in the six years that we've been together, we have never played in a bar, only all-ages venues. The reason being, simply; everyone can attend. Playing in a liscensed venue would exclude people under the age of nineteen, who, are our main supporters. Futhermore, most of the gigs we play are benefits for various causes. Thanks once again for not suing us and being a good sport.We look forward to hearing from you ! hm

Mr. Hudson Mack's reply

-----Original Message-----
From: Hudson Mack
To: 'Hudson Mack'
Subject: RE: response

Thanks for the note. I'm waiting until you're international superstars before I sue! HA HA. Please let me know when the 4th CD is out -- that's a hook for a story. Or your next live gig -- I like your all-ages policy. HHM


JUNE 22/2000

Hudson Mack played (by all accounts) an amazing show last Saturday (June 17th) at The Little Fernwood. It was there first show in Victoria in quite a while, and who knows when the next one will be? They were slated to open up for No Means No on Canada Day, but when that show was moved from the Curling Rink to The Icehouse, Hudson Mack backed out. Why? Hudson Mack have a *very* strong policy of only playing "all-ages" shows (as the curling rink gig would have been). The Icehouse (as you may or may not know), is a "bar", so "adults" only. But don't worry, I'm sure HM will be playing very soon.

NEW CD - It's almost done (no, really!)It's all mixed, and final mastering is being done as I type this. Once that's all done it'll be a few weeks for copies to be pressed, and delivered to your hot little hands! So.... maybe about a month longer? It'll be worth the wait, trust me. The Hudson Mack songs are great (of course they are!), and the second half of the CD with AK47 is so goddamn HEAVY! A full on sonic assault! Lyrics for the Hudson Songs will be here very soon, and maybe even the AK47 ones as well.

Until then, and as promised, The Official Hudson Mack Web Site presents the first UNRELEASED SONG!!!! Check out the Sounds page for the mp3 for THE STORM (2000 version). A re-recording of one of the songs from the first CD, it's one of two songs recorded for the new CD but not included. (Time Is Your Enemy is the other, and yes - it'll probably show up here as well). Also on the way (hopefully), a few different "rough mixes" of the new songs.

JUNE 01/2000

As you can see, the site is under going some changes (including a guestbook)... just me being bored!

The big news however is that the the final mixing of the new CD (to be called PEOPLE FOR PEOLPE) is done! All that's left to be done now is final mastering and pressing of the actual disc. Oh and little things like artwork and lyrics - which I'm sure will be available here before the CD is out.. Dave and I have also talked about making several of the songs that were recorded but didn't make it onto the new CD available as exclusive mp3 downloads through this site or somewhere like

APRIL 08/2000

Sorry for lack of updates..... I'll try harder!

Check the
sights page for a few photos sent in by a fan of the Mack's recent Comox, BC "Punk Show 2000".

Mixing of the new CD has been delayed a bit due to equipment problems,
but things are expected to be back on track very soon.

In related news, AK47 (featuring Tony and Dave) played their first show with new drummer Jesse
(and first show in a long, long time) last week in Victoria.
The release of the AK47 material as a "split" CD with Hudson Mack still looks like it's going to happen.

Check out the
BC Hardcore/Punk/Etc. Page for bands around BC.

JANUARY 20/2000

Initial recording for the new CD started this past Sunday.
Expect to see a few pictures up soon (like this one -

Songs started at this session:
You don't have to go
(Take back) The night
Your time is going to come!
I remember...
Where is your daughter?
The biggest thing
Same old song
Half the sky
Set you up
People for people
Blood on your hands
Not again/Never again

also redone versions of:
The storm
Time is your enemy

Vocal tracks and guitar army to be overdubbed at Anti-Imperialist Studios
(NOT Anti-Clockwise studios as previously stated) later this month.

JANUARY 12/2000

Looks like no live shows this month as the band is going into
the studio this weekend to record tracks for their upcoming
4th album.

Initial recording is being done at 10 Mile Point Studios with
additional overdubs and mixing at AntiClockwise studios.

Expect a spring release for this CD.


The upcoming Hudson Mack CD will be a split with AK47!
The AK tracks have been ready to go for a while now and
will now share the same CD with the new Hudson material.
Expect to see live shows from both bands in the near