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I can't believe I'd follow you so far this time
And over something that could have meant less to me yesterday

But that was then
And now things have to change
"Oh do they really?"

I can't believe you'd deny the times you've let me down
Understand you?  How can I when you are not around?

It makes you leave
Being questioned by me
If anybody really knew about us would they blame me?

I spend the day alone sleeping and I dream of you
I wake and will not weaken, I will not cry

There's not much to do, so I call you
Why are you never home?
Oh I really pray to God that you're on your own

And what she says (is not the same as) really
What she means (is not the same as)
Where she'll meet me (is not the same as)
Where she'll really be

And Debbie says she sorry that she changed things...