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I hardly breathe as you drive away from me
I don't know
I want to follow you home

I'm so unsure of you my darling
I'd be lucky to call you my love
But I'm so afraid, I might just run away

You're so good, if anyone saves me you could
I might do anything just to watch you across the room

Things don't change themselves my darling
But God, I would, if you want me to
I might take the blame to hear you say my name.

And it's just right that I should lose my friends to be with you tonight
'Cause they don't know how it really feels
To finally be made real

I've fallen down so hard my darling
That I get scared I just might break in two
But then here you come
And you could be the one
But no...

Can't you see?  Can't you see?
that I'm sitting next to you
And I'm waiting for you to make a move
And I hardly breathe