MALLORY (R. Nesbitt)

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She goes where she wants and sometimes
She gets tangled up in her clothes
But I don't know her
She goes on and on about things
You never thought she'd ever know
And she don't

Wouldn't it be great
Wouldn't it be great if there were a handbook
For this Adventure?
The brightest eyes of hope but that was just a ghost
Soon you won't know where she goes
Soon you won't know where she goes

Down deep man, I think she's sleeping
The greatest drug she's got is cruelty
And she's using
At night she hangs out at a bar
Where who fuck means more than who you are
Or what you're hearing

So tell me all about
Tell me all about all the history of the movement
You're creating
And now it's just a joke you hug on tight to hope
And soon you won't know where it goes

Choose a way that's yours from the list of
"Things been done before"
And the things you do, they'll reflect on you
I'm a lot like you and I haven't got a clue